Package Receiving in Buffalo, New York

Canadians shipping to the border

“We help Canadians save thousands of dollars when shopping online by providing you with a US Shipping Address in Buffalo, New York”

For those living in the Greater Toronto Area, ordering from US companies is now a whole lot easier. Kinek provides Canadians with package receiving services in Buffalo, NY. Our border KinekPoints act as your US Shipping Address, allowing you to save hundreds or thousands of dollars by eliminating international shipping and brokerage fees. Located across the Peace Bridge border crossing in Buffalo, this makes picking up your packages and shopping in Buffalo, NY, one convenient trip!

Dollar City Warehouse in Buffalo, NY, joined the Kinek border network to receive packages for Canadian cross border shoppers. Located near the border, provides warehouse storage along with a loading dock that allows the ability to accept packages of any size or weight. Receiving everything from clothing, electronics, furniture, appliances, auto parts, and ATVs! When your package arrives, Kinek notifies you by email and text message. Your packages will then be displayed within your Kinek account.

Why Ship to Buffalo?

Ordering from US websites can be very expensive once you factor in the international shipping and brokerage fees. Some US companies don’t even offer the option to ship to Canada! Dollar City Warehouse offers Canadians a safe parcel receiving solution in Buffalo that allows Canadians to order from US only companies and eliminate shipping and brokerage fees as well!

About Kinek

Kinek operates a nationwide network of US border package receiving locations (KinekPoints), with a presence at nearly every major Canadian border crossing. Kinek also has KinekPoints throughout the US. These KinekPoints are perfect to use when traveling for business or pleasure. When your package arrives at a KinekPoint, we notify you by email and/or text message. KinekPoints then securely store it until you can stop by and pick it up.

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