Package Receiving in Buffalo, New York

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“We help Canadians save thousands of dollars when shopping online by providing you with a US Shipping Address in Buffalo, New York”

We’re located across the Peace Bridge border crossing in Buffalo, which makes picking up your packages and shopping in Buffalo, NY one convenient trip!

With Buffalo, New York just a short drive from the Greater Toronto Area, Canadians have a great opportunity to take advantage of cross border shopping. At Storage Central in Buffalo, we offer our facility to Canadians to use as their US Shipping Address. This lets you receive packages from US companies at our location and avoid international shipping fees and brokerage fees. We have partnered with Kinek to offer this service which lets you manage your account and packages online! They also notify you by email and text message when your package arrives.

Why Ship to Buffalo?

Shipping to Canada can be expensive, very expensive and some companies don’t even offer Canadian shipping, For these reasons Kinek and Storage Central strive to make package receiving at the US border as easy as possible for Canadians. Our customers order everything from car parts, clothing, computers, electronics, to list a few. We are open 6-days a week and can handle nearly anything you send our way! Visit our Getting Started page to learn how to use us for your package receiving.

About Kinek

Kinek operates 18 US border KinekPoints across Canada and is present at nearly every major border crossing. Kinek also has over 1,000 KinekPoints throughout the United States which Canadians use while on vacation or business travel. When your package arrives at a US border KinekPoint, you are notified by email and text message and can then stop by at a time that is convenient for you.

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